Latest News/Updates About Motorcycles



Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? If so, you’ll likely want to be in the know about the latest news and updates regarding motorcycles. Like just about every other topic in Dallas Texas Music School’s world, new news about motorcycles is always being made available, and sometimes seems to change as fast as a chopper zipping down the road.

Here’s some the latest motorcycle news available:

1. BMW motorcycles break sales records
In February the sales of BMW motorcycles rose by an amazing 14.2% when compared to the sales figures from one year ago. In fact, BMW has already sold over 15,000 motorcycles in 2015 alone. In fact, last February’s sales broke the February record for the fifth time in a row! The main driver of BMW motorcycles’ sales success is the ongoing high demand for models the company launched in 2014, and the new models it’s launching this season. In Spring of 2015 BMW will be launching five new motorcycles.

2. Ice wheelie record set
A 128mph ice wheelie record was set by a 24-year-old Swede. The rider became the first rider to perform a wheelie while riding at a speed exceeding 200 km/h. Robert Gull also set a new Guinness World Record in the process. Most of us probably wouldn’t even consider an attempt to break such a record. However, the Swedes are accustomed to frigid winter weather, so why not use it to break a world wheelie record?

Cool elegant Piano3. Yamaha YZF-R3
Many biking experts argue that the new YZF-R3 for Yamaha makes it an excellent time to join the world of motorcycles. Traditional wisdom says that you should buy a used bike, and then work your way up to a new model. However, the Yamaha YZF-R3 has received generally rave reviews as an entry-level motorcycle option. For example, the weight of the motorcycle is 370 pounds, which is ideal for a new motorcycle enthusiast. It’s full of features that make it an excellent value for the list of price of nearly $5,000.

4. New V-Twin Expo Cruiser Products
The recent V-Twin Expo showcased a ton of new cruiser products. In fact, there were about 180 vendors at the event, and the full two days of the expo were needed to get a good look at all the new products being featured at the event. This year’s event featured various products, such as S&S Performance Systems, Vance & Hines High Output Grenades, Kraftwerks HD Blower, and new Wirecare products. There was arguably something for everyone at the event, and next year will be undoubtedly even better than this year’s expo.

5. Honda CRF250 Concept Bike
This bike will be unveiled at the Osaka motorcycle show this weekend. While the bike is being advertised as a concept bike, many industry experts think that production is inevitable. The CRF250 Rally is based on the CRF250L, which already exists. Honda has invested a ton of capital into rally bikes. In fact, its investment has been significantly greater than in World Superbike racing. The reason is that the market for enduro bikes and motorcross bikes is much greater in the context of the global realm.

6. MotoGP
The event will start on March 29, in Qatar. The Brits are in their best form for years. There are several Brit contenders that have a chance of becoming the champion of the MotoGP. However, it remains to be seen which one has the best chance of winning the event. Of course, there’s a chance that a Brit won’t win the MotoGP. However, as a team the Brits certainly have one of the best opportunities to be the first to cross the finish line at the race.